Best Cleaning Tampa does all the heavy work to get your house sparkling for this new chapter for your family.

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We are a 100% Licensed and Insured Company

We know the importance of being a licensed and insured company, to better serve you. We are responsible and professional in everything we do, always delivering you the best, taking responsibility for our services. Schedule a free estimate and be amazed by our services.

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Information about our Move-in services

We know how hard it is to move, even if you are moving into a beautiful and wonderful house. After all the work of finding a new place, packing, hiring a moving company and getting the paperwork right, now it is time to clean up the house for you and your family to begin this new moment in life. Let Best Cleaning Tampa do all the housework.


Our team is made up of great professionals who know exactly what to do to make your new house or apartment just perfect. Focus your energy on taking care of every detail of your moving while we provide the best Move-In service in the United States.

A little bit of what is included in our Move-in services

You do not have to finish all the moving to worry about cleaning. While you are busy wrapping, organizing and emptying your old house, Best Cleaning Tampa will take care of the cleaning. Our flexible options mean that you can tell us exactly what needs to be done and rest assured that your orders will be heard with the utmost care.

We completely remove all dust

We clean the baseboards

We clean every sink and countertop

We clean and sanitize every household appliance

We scrub toilets, clean bathtubs and sanitize showers

We vacuum and sweep every floor

Our mission is to transform and provide well-being for your family

Best Cleaning Tampa does all the heavy work to get your house sparkling for this new chapter for your family.

How it works

Hiring the best cleaning service is very simple. Just follow the instructions below.

Call us or send us an email

We will return your email or call back within 24 hours.

Choose the best time for you

We prioritize your schedule when booking your appointment. We provide a flexible schedule to better serve you.

Our professionals perform the service on the appointed date

We are a punctual company and we respect your schedule. Our team will arrive on the day and time scheduled and do all the work agreed upon.

Advantages of hiring our services

Reliable, family-owned company that specializes in delivering the best in house and apartment cleaning.


Hiring the services of Best Cleaning Tampa is a sign that you will make a great financial investment, get an amazing result, and have more free time for your family. Instead of relying on random websites or wandering through online ads to find a cleaning company, Best Cleaning Tampa makes it easier and convenient. Just click on any button on this page where you can send us an email. If you choose to talk to us directly, just give us a call or send us a text message and you will be received with great attention. Our team is made up of professionals who use only the best equipment and products to do the cleaning that your family deserves. We have many years of experience and are ready to serve you only the best.


Get ready to say goodbye to all the dirt when you hire our cleaning services. Best Cleaning Tampa is the ideal choice for you who a want recurring cleaning to eliminate dirt from previous tenants, clean the new house where you and your family will live in or even protect yourself against unexpected charges at the end of the lease. Our professional cleaners have the experience to do a great job and restore the shine and freshness to your residence.


When you hire any of our services you are hiring the best cleaning professionals and you can rest assured that we are up to your needs. The honest positive reviews from our clients let you know how good our work is and there is no doubt that we are the best option. The Best Cleaning Tampa team works with the best tools and products to handle the dirty and heavy work in a simple and fast way. To top it all off, you can trust that each professional who will come into your residence has the proper training to take care of every item of value and respect your family to the fullest.


With Best Cleaning Tampa there are no delays or, what is worse, not showing up on the scheduled date. We prioritize your schedule and your family's comfort by agreeing on the best date on your shcedule. To hire our services you can click on any of the buttons on this page and send us an email, we will respond within 24 hours. If you choose to speak with us directly and have your questions answered, you can call our call center or leave a text message.


Our Team

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Helen Rocha

Staff Manager

Responsible for supervising and maintaining the quality of each of our services. She leads each team with commitment, providing training and instruction so that everything follows our strict quality standards.

Carol 2

Carolina Frota

Office & Financial Manager

Responsible for all the financial and administrative operations of the company. We believe that a financially organized company reflects in a good service and customer care. From the purchase of the best products to the questions that involve our commitment to each family that trusts our work, Carolina Frota always strives to deliver only the best.

Julia 2

Julia Boryla

Customer Services

Professional specialized in taking care of all the processes that involve our company’s customers. We value quality service and make our specialist available to answer any questions, conduct service negotiations and ensure the satisfaction of all who trust our work.

Best Cleaning Tampa

About Us

Founded in 2015 by Carolina, Helen and Júlia

We are a family business, and as such, we observed we needed to keep our environment clean, pleasant, and sanitized so we can live in peace and harmony. With this in mind, we separated the house chores into three so each one of us would take care of the complete cleaning of a house part. As time went by, each one of us began to specialize in cleaning that part of the house, learning about the best products and techniques to leave that room spotless. Our family became so good at cleaning that people would visit us and be delighted that our house was always clean, smelling good and organized. We realized that our cleaning service was indeed excellent and that we could bring this same cleanliness, charm and brightness to many other homes and families. Best Cleaning Tampa was born in 2015. We are a family business taking care of many other families.

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